Commands Guide


General Commands


Opens the server selector menu


Vote for worledit access and help the server


shows a list of all warps

/warp [Warp]

teleport to a warp

/tpa [username]

request to teleport to a player


accept a teleport request


deny a teleport request


toggle teleports

/msg [username] [message]

sends a private message to a player

/r [message]

replys to a private message


takes you to the server spawn point


takes you to the server hub


Creative Commands

/Plot Auto

Automatically claims a random plot

/plot home

teleports you to your plot

/plot middle

teleports you to the middle of the plot you're standing on

/plot add [username]

allows a player to build when the owner is online

/plot trust [username]

allows a player to build when the owner is offline, also allows worldedit

/plot remove [username]

removes building permissions for a player

/plot kick [username]

kicks a player from your plot

/plot deny [username]

bans a player from your plot

/plot undeny [username]

unbans a player from your plot


opens the plot editor menu


Donor Commands


Opens the server store for purchasing ranks


opens the donor perk menu

/furniture list

opens the furniture list


opens the banner maker gui


opens the pet menu


enables the armor stand editor


Staff Commands


Allows you to view private messages


makes you completely invisible

/warn [player] [reason]

gives a public warning to a player

/mute [username]

permanently mutes a player

/mute [username] [time]

temporarily mutes a player

/tempban [player] [time] [reason]

temporarily bans a player

/ban [player] [reason]

permanently bans a player

/co inspect

enables/disables the block inspector